Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you Veterans!

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Reeney said...

Scott - My dear old friend - While I am a Democrat - I did not vote for Obahma - I do not trust him and it was very hard not to vote for my party - there are a lot of us that are very worried about our country - not Rebublican but Democrats - we just want to make sure that everyone in this country is protected, My son is in the Military and can be deployed whenever - and people need health care - as someone who works with people that want to work but cannot get the health care - be it medical or mental health that they need to be stable - how do we propose that they can do what we can and pay taxes to benefit others??? It is cost effective to help people that truely want to help themselves - it is called a hand up - I think that your religion does believe in this concept and I do not think that you have to be Morman - I was raised as a Catholic but I do not think that I am any religion any more - I just beleive in God. Unfortnately, there are people that use and there are people that need - I am in Social Services and I see both and it does anger me to see people that do not want to make a difference in their lives - the State looks at the children and tries to make sure that they have food, shelter and are warm - I see so many screwed up people and it makes me mad that they do not take advantage of what could help them move forward - but you cannot lead a horse to water - Drugs are the scurge of our being - how do we stop them? I have no answer - do you? We can get upset and talk about the Consitution but we are a broken county - I would just really like that some day that both parties, Rebublicans nd Democrats would look at what is happening and heal this country... I would like to be able to help others that want to help themselves - no matter what they should need as long as they are sincere - that is all anyone can ask of another - take care my friend! Doreen